Hiring Remote Staff: Nicaragua

Greetings from one of my absolute favorite cities in the world, Managua, Nicaragua. Hello, Matt here from Preferati Talent Agency. Today I’m in Managua, Nicaragua, which is one of my favorite places to recruit talent in Central America. Although, at the moment, they’re going through a little bit of a situation and you might want […]

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Hiring Remote Staff: Costa Rica

Hello, I’m Matt with Preferati Developer Talent Agency, and today I’m in beautiful Costa Rica, which is probably going to figure into your Latin American sourcing a little bit. If not as just a pit stop along the way. Costa Rica has wonderful developers and great software talent. Unfortunately, the value proposition is not as […]

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Why I Recommend Hiring Developers in Latin America

I’m in Mexico City today. Finding “A” players in software is hard. Everybody wants them, and so they’re hard to find. Whenever one of those sort of rough diamonds comes onto the market, they usually get snapped up by a company pretty quickly. And smart companies then invest in those people, and there’s a two-way […]

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9 Tips for Working with Remote Staff

Hi I’m Matt Ives and today I’m in Playa del Carmen, and I’m going to talk about remote work, making it work and how to make things succeed when you have remote staff members on your team. When you have remote team members you just have to manage things differently than you would with the […]

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