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  • Preferati is a fun group to work with. They have a strong understanding of our overall business needs and execute quickly in a cost-efficient manner. They are a key extension to our team, highly recommend!

    Chad, Managing Partner – BEST for Dentistry
  • Being able to rely on Preferati to quickly provide high-quality, relatively inexpensive resources has changed the capacity of our dev team in a really good way. I am able to focus on improving our internal team without having to worry about recruiting a bench of contractors to staff overflow. It’s a game-changer!

    Fitz, Technology Director & Co-Owner – PixelSpoke
  • Thanks to each and everyone of you for helping build SMWW into what it is today. We had our best month in the history of the company!!!

    Please pat yourself on the back and brag to your families. You all deserve big Lashbrook hugs… so this is a virtual HUG and HIGH FIVE for helping us be prepared to handle almost double the students we normally would have.

    We appreciate each and everyone of you.

    Liz and Lynn Lashbrook – SMWW
  • The thing I like best about working with Preferati is their integrity. Integrity to learn and understand my business. Integrity in keeping commitments and integrity in their billing practices.

    Chris, CEO – Prime Coat
  • Most recruiters are super interested until they get their commission check, and then I don’t hear from them again until I want to hire another. The difference I’ve found with Preferati is that they stay with you for the life of the relationship. I think they’re in it for my business to succeed, and for their placement to succeed and grow, not just to get a check and move on.

    Zac, CEO – IT Assurance
  • Preferati has been a really big help in finding us several resources outside of our core area of expertise in Costa Rica. I’m always extremely happy with how quickly they find strong candidates. Their vetting process is enviable and I continue leverage him as we grow our business.

    Jason, CEO – First Factory
  • Working with Preferati has been nothing but a pleasure. Their team responds quickly, effectively, and it feels like a true partnership. The quality of their talent is outstanding and I was extremely impressed with the candidates they provided for our review. The teammate we hired has been nothing but an asset to our team and a great fit. I would highly recommend Preferati, they are my go-to when I need added bandwidth.

    Mike, CEO – Generate Impact
  • Preferati feels like an extension of our management team. They understand our business. We’ve really appreciated their flexibility — they’re always willing to adapt to work with us when things change. They do what’s needed to create Win-Win-Win situations for us, Preferati, and the talent we recruit. They’re fair, hardworking, and highly effective.

    Paul, Principal and Founder – GRAYBOX

Our Services

Short-Term Staffing

Not in a position to make another full time hire but have Jiras to close?
Short Term Staffing Is Accepting Four New Projects in September 2020

  • Part-time and temporary staff available to start within a few days
  • Zoom all you want. Similar time zones, functional spoken English.
  • Rates from $20 to $45 per hour
  • Skills are pre-verified via trial projects
  • WordPress and other CMS expertise
  • React, Node and other JS Frameworks
  • Frontend devs with some design skills
  • Symfony, Laravel and other PHP Frameworks
  • Other Skills (Will Recruit & Verify with Deposit)

LatAm Remote Staffing

Need an amazing teammate but don’t have time to run a proper recruiting and hiring cycle and don’t want to pay a big recruiter commission?
Latam Remote Staffing Is Taking up to Two Additional Positions in September 2020

  • Incentives are aligned. We lose money if the hire doesn't work out.
  • We aren't career recruiters. We are a dev agency that moved into staffing.
  • Proven vetting & interviewing process
  • 70% The loaded employee cost compared to domestic hiring (depending on your local labor market)
  • Staff compensation and our fee are transparent on the monthly bill
  • No upfront costs, we take a fixed monthly fee when we bill you the monthly salary

Jeya QA

Need to increase shipped quality & get feedback to your devs daily?
Jeya QA Is Accepting up to Two New Clients in September 2020.
Jeya QA is our sister company staffed entirely by young women in South India.

  • Overnight turnaround. Send work at the end of the day, QA reports on your desk in the morning.
  • Convert closed tickets into rough product documentation
  • Browser Compatibility Test Reports
  • Regression Test Reports
  • Functionality Test Reports
  • Create or update tickets directly in your systems
  • $25 an hour

Digital Marketing Services

Have your digital strategy but lack the hours to execute?
This Service Is Not Currently Taking New Clients. Inquire to Join Wait List.

  • Paid Campaign Creation
  • Setup Conversion Tracking & Tag Management
  • Campaign monitoring, minor adjustments and alerting
  • Branded (yours) Monthly Client Reports
  • Format Email Templates & Blog Posts
  • Process Moz Errors and Page Recommendations

Consulting & Project Management

Need some Expertise?
This Service Is Not Currently Taking New Clients. Some Consulting Is Included With Staffing. Inquire to Join Wait List.

  • Team Design
  • Technology Stack & Devops Architecture
  • Security Reviews
  • Remote Team Operations & Management Best Practices
  • Individual Team Member Coaching
  • Project Management

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