My name is Matt Ives and I’ve headed south to identify the very best talent in Latin America and introduce those developers to companies in the US and Canada.

I absolutely love what I do. It’s more rewarding and fun than I ever dreamed work could be.

Competition for developers in the US is fierce. Latin America is blossoming with undiscovered A-Talent.

As an agency owner in Portland I found the cost of hiring, training and retaining top developers was rapidly outstripping rates. When I first traveled to Latin America I found an exploding and competitive tech scene with modern infrastructure and tech schools combined with a cutting-edge, competitively priced talent pool in my time zone.

Consider a full time, long-term remote team member in Latin America. Competition is much less fierce, the loaded employee cost is about 60% while the loyalty and culture contribution will likely exceed your expectations.

If you want help, Preferati will book you interviews with highly qualified candidates tailored to your organization’s culture, workflow and skill requirements at no charge. You only pay if you hire. Once placed, we continue to facilitate the relationship. I meet in person with the developer in his or her hometown, and I travel to your headquarters regularly to meet and work on the relationship. We resolve tensions, provide coaching and consult on the systems and processes in place to ensure everyone’s goals are being met.

We strive to bring the relationship to its highest potential.

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Domestic Competition

The domestic competition for A-Players is so intense that recruiting is the number one stress factor for most of the agency owners we talk to.

Preferati isn’t a recruiting agency, we’re a talent agency. We scout developers throughout Latin America and when we find exceptional talent we introduce them to the best agencies in the US and Canada.

Preferati Matt with a Dev
Preferati Matt with a Dev

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