Nearshore Hiring and Company Sponsored Visas to United States

Hi, Matt Ives here with Preferati, coming from Henderson, Nevada, this morning. And today I wanted to talk about visas for your developers. When you do a nearshore hire in Latin America, it is highly recommended and extremely beneficial to the relationship if you fly your Latin American staff out once or twice a year. […]

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How to Address the Holidays Differences with Your Remote Workers

Holidays are something you’re going to need to give a little bit of attention to while setting up your Latin American team. There are a lot of holidays in Latin America. They, of course, vary from country to country and they are attended at various levels by different staff. So, first of all, you’re going […]

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9 Tips for Working with Remote Staff

Hi I’m Matt Ives and today I’m in Playa del Carmen, and I’m going to talk about remote work, making it work and how to make things succeed when you have remote staff members on your team. When you have remote team members you just have to manage things differently than you would with the […]

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