Our Team

Our team spans many cultures and time zones and unifies around our mission to build prosperity everywhere. We take full advantage of the unique perspectives and competencies each culture brings to the table and in the process gain genuine appreciation for each other’s strengths and perspectives. We’re a fun, effective, and resilient team and we’re sure you’ll enjoy working with us.

Anastasia Ives

Account Manager & Media Producer

Avaneesh Srinivasan


Benjamin Juarez

Assistant Project Manager

Dhanapal Asirvatham

PHP Developer & Frontend Designer


Eduardo Manstretta

Technical Recruiter

Emily Romero

HR Manager & Recruiting Administrator

Gayathri Rani

Project Manager

Guillermo Casilla

Assistant Project Manager

Jeya Rathi

QA Director & Jeya QA CEO

Juan Ignacio Rodriguez Saenz

Assistant Project Manager

Matt Ives


Mani Raj

IT Director & Development Manager

Miguel Suarez

Talent Agency Director & HR Director

Omar Soto

Technical Recruiter

Paul Roja

Data Technician & QA Technician

Sathya Ram

Systems Administrator & Assistant DevOps

Tony Estrada

Sales Lead

Yi Zhu

PHP Backend Developer

Yoga Lakshmi

PHP Backend Developer

Zainudeen Rahamathulla

Finance Director

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