Who We Are:

We want to see more prosperous people on the planet. A lot more.

Preferati’s placed staff and service offerings aspire to be the very best to work with and a tremendous value to our clients. Our client’s prosperity matters no less than that of our teammates.

Along the way, we’re experimenting with new models for how to build distributed teams and bring more meaning and fulfillment to the work along with high pay. We want to remove the stress and artificial constraints that make it difficult to take joy in one’s work. We recognize that a happy, fulfilled teammate is the most contributive teammate.

Preferati teammates share profits and participate in ongoing professional development. We’ve invested heavily in our training materials, recruitment processes, and organizational tools to ensure we remain great to work with while efficiently onboarding new teammates and raising their skill level. We love to see our clients and our teammates reach new levels of success through Preferati.

Our Values

Prosperity is Our Purpose

What’s good for the bee is good for the hive. We care for others, both in and outside our organization.

Clear Water and White Sand

We work to enable the lives we aspire to and for many of us that means taking time for ourselves, often in beautiful places.

Get it Done

We make it work. We are problem solvers. We are creative. We believe there is always a way forward and we are the ones who can get it there.

Financially Sound

Sound finances are the foundation of a lasting organization and we can’t manifest our purpose or our values if we run out of cash or fail to generate profits.

Owner Mindset

We work together to generate profits and we share those profits.

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