Greetings from one of my absolute favorite cities in the world, Managua, Nicaragua. Hello, Matt here from Preferati Talent Agency. Today I’m in Managua, Nicaragua, which is one of my favorite places to recruit talent in Central America.

Although, at the moment, they’re going through a little bit of a situation and you might want to hold off on your plans until that sort of sorts itself out. There’s a bit of political unrest. I have no idea what will be happening when you watch this video, so you’ll certainly want to get the latest data, but in general, Managua is an excellent place to recruit staff.

There are talented professionals here, well educated, strong English speakers, who are available at very competitive rates. And you should definitely be considering Nicaragua when you’re looking to find your next top coder.

Nicaragua is relatively unknown in the US, but it’s very easy to get there. It has almost all of the natural wonders of Costa Rica at a fraction of the price. There are volcanoes. There are lakes. There are islands. It’s just an amazing, amazing country, very green, and the people are so friendly, and the cost of everything from transport to lodging is incredible. I highly recommend you consider Nicaragua when making your next decision about staffing.

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