Services to Products: How to Increase Quality

It’s critical to maintain quality and give your customers consistent results that are in line with what’s expected in their world. This is pretty overwhelming and difficult when everything is custom. So how do you maintain quality when everything is custom?  How do you find out the standards in your customers’ worlds and manage that? […]

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Nearshore Hiring and Company Sponsored Visas to United States

Hi, Matt Ives here with Preferati, coming from Henderson, Nevada, this morning. And today I wanted to talk about visas for your developers. When you do a nearshore hire in Latin America, it is highly recommended and extremely beneficial to the relationship if you fly your Latin American staff out once or twice a year. […]

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How to Address the Holidays Differences with Your Remote Workers

Holidays are something you’re going to need to give a little bit of attention to while setting up your Latin American team. There are a lot of holidays in Latin America. They, of course, vary from country to country and they are attended at various levels by different staff. So, first of all, you’re going […]

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Hiring Remote Staff: Colombia

Greetings from Bogota, Colombia. I’m in Colombia. Why else, to meet with developers and find some of my next coding rock stars. So, if you’re looking to staff out of Latin America, Colombia should definitely be near the top of your list. Bogota is One of the Largest Cities in Latin America The city of […]

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Hiring Remote Staff: Nicaragua

Greetings from one of my absolute favorite cities in the world, Managua, Nicaragua. Hello, Matt here from Preferati Talent Agency. Today I’m in Managua, Nicaragua, which is one of my favorite places to recruit talent in Central America. Although, at the moment, they’re going through a little bit of a situation and you might want […]

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