Luis loves hiking with his dogs, spending time with his wife and family, and practicing the bass guitar.

The cities surrounding his home are picturesque and renowned for their local coffee production, and that’s where you’ll often find them on the weekends.

Luis is experienced in user experience and brand experience design. He’s a capable designer and he writes very neat code, mostly Jquery, and CSS with SASS.

In his own words: “I don’t waste code, I use classes to keep things re-usable by other developers. I comment things and plan things out well so future teammates can work off my work. And I’m extremely meticulous with pixel perfection. I’m really aware of typography, space, color, and ensuring things look great at every size.”

Marco developed an interest in games in elementary school where he designed and created his own board games to play with his friends. This is where he learned the basics of logic and approaching things systematically that served him later as a developer.

When he first gained access to a computer in his early teens he learned HTML. Focusing on math and computer science in high school he went on study programming in college and today is a consummate front-end developer with design skills.

In his free time, he plays with his 6-year-old daughter and practices the drums and keyboard.

Marco swims competitively to stay physically fit and hopes to move into a development team leadership role in the next 5 years.

When he was 6 years old Arturo’s father showed him how to capture and edit the source code of a web page to make changes. “It was like magic and I’ve been obsessed with code ever since.”

His passion for code continued through high school and he studied computer engineering in college. He started freelancing around 10 years ago, becoming increasingly professional, setting solid work hours and managing his projects effectively.

Arturo is inspired by Elon Musk and hopes to contribute technically to the future of humanity. While he works primarily on WordPress he is versed in many other backend languages and very interested in Unity and VR/AR platforms.

He plays board games with friends and attends the gym regularly to maintain his mental and physical health.

Juan grew up on the Caribbean Coast in South America where he enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and year-round hot weather. A competitive soccer player in his youth, he still plays today to stay fit and for mental and physical health.

Juan recently completed a 2-year assignment in Berlin, Germany with his wife, and they recently moved back to Latin American and are ready to start their next adventure.

Juan completed a master’s in Telecommunications with an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering but has always worked as a developer since college. He’s self-taught and has worked mostly for US companies.

In his off time, Juan enjoys quiet moments, movies, and charitable work.

Andres still lives in the mid-size Latin American City he was born in and his primary hobby is film photography. As a fan of this lost art, he has a darkroom in his apartment and develops his own prints, sharing his best work on Instagram.

Andres speaks strong English and is dedicated to daily personal improvement. He’s looking to join a team where he’ll be able to work on projects that are challenging and will develop his capabilities further. “I want to improve every day.”

Andres first developed an interest in coding while in college where he studied systems engineering. “I enjoy coding because it’s like writing a story. It’s a challenge. You have to solve problems by writing a story with a successful ending. In coding, you have fresh challenges every day and for me that’s exciting.”

He cycles for exercise and watches European football or plays Playstation to relax. As a child he participated in Taekwondo, achieving the rank of maroon belt.

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