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Location: Remote | Organization: PixelSpoke

PixelSpoke is committed to equity and values a diverse workforce. As part of this commitment, we seek team members whose diverse personal and professional background gives them a unique perspective to further PixelSpoke’s work with credit unions and other organizations that serve diverse member bases and marginalized communities. People of all types, including women, people of color, people with disabilities, people of different ages, veterans, and members of the LGBTQ community are strongly encouraged to apply.

We applaud the growing number of public and private sector organizations nationwide who are taking action to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to succeed, including individuals who have had contact with the criminal justice system. When almost 70 million Americans — nearly one in three adults — have a criminal record, it is important to remove unnecessary barriers that may prevent these individuals from gaining access to employment, training, education, and other basic tools required for success in life. PixelSpoke is committed to providing individuals with criminal records, including formerly incarcerated individuals, a fair chance to participate in the American economy.

PixelSpoke, a Software Agency based in Portland, USA, is currently looking for a WordPress Developer to join their team as a full-time remote employee. This is primarily a Frontend role but Backend skills such as plugin writing (from scratch and/or working with existing ones) is a plus.


  • Over 3 years of experience in WordPress in the frontend
  • Proficient building templates from scratch
  • Experienced in the set up phase of Google Tag Manager
  • Portfolio to review your work in the frontend
  • Conversational English


  • Experience in React is a plus!
  • Experienced in WordPress in the backend is a plus!
  • Experience using Gutengerg blocks is a plus!

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Compensation is measured depending on the candidate's experience. Our payments are in USD. Our client offers 20 days of PTO.

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