Andres still lives in the mid-size Latin American City he was born in and his primary hobby is film photography. As a fan of this lost art, he has a darkroom in his apartment and develops his own prints, sharing his best work on Instagram.

Andres speaks strong English and is dedicated to daily personal improvement. He’s looking to join a team where he’ll be able to work on projects that are challenging and will develop his capabilities further. “I want to improve every day.”

Andres first developed an interest in coding while in college where he studied systems engineering. “I enjoy coding because it’s like writing a story. It’s a challenge. You have to solve problems by writing a story with a successful ending. In coding, you have fresh challenges every day and for me that’s exciting.”

He cycles for exercise and watches European football or plays Playstation to relax. As a child he participated in Taekwondo, achieving the rank of maroon belt.

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