Web Applications Development

Benefit from our 15 years of delivering complex products via remote teams.

Why Choose Preferati?

Our developers are skillful, creative, and dedicated to following best practices.

We have talent experienced in older frameworks and languages and we’re also up to speed on the latest approaches, particularly Javascript applications.

Whether we’ll be cloning your existing code repo, or starting fresh, we can get your project moving.

QA and Testing Included

As a development client, you’ll also benefit from our in-house QA team, DevOps department, and highly trained cross-cultural project managers.

Experienced Multicultural Project Managers

Our project managers are skillful communicators who take the time to verify their understanding of your needs and then write thorough specifications for you to sign off on, developers to build to, and QA teams to test against. This helps us to get it right the first time and save costly rework.

The fastest way for us to find out if there’s any possibility of us being a good fit to work together is to start the conversation

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Preferati is a fun group to work with. They have a strong understanding of our overall business needs and execute quickly in a cost-efficient manner. They are a key extension to our team, highly recommend!

Chad Managing Partner – BEST for Dentistry

Thanks to each and everyone of you for helping build SMWW into what it is today. We had our best month in the history of the company!!!

Please pat yourself on the back and brag to your families. You all deserve big Lashbrook hugs… so this is a virtual HUG and HIGH FIVE for helping us be prepared to handle almost double the students we normally would have.

We appreciate each and everyone of you.

Liz and Lynn Lashbrook - SMWW
Liz and Lynn Lashbrook SMWW

The thing I like best about working with Preferati is their integrity. Integrity to learn and understand my business. Integrity in keeping commitments and integrity in their billing practices.

What’s Next

We aren’t right for everyone, but when it’s a fit it’s amazing!
Let’s have a brief conversation and get to know each other.

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