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“I founded Preferati in Portland in 2005. We’re still a small team with a collaborative, consultative and creative approach. Let’s connect on Zoom and discuss your project or situation.”


Matt Ives



Preferati is a fun group to work with. They have a strong understanding of our overall business needs and execute quickly in a cost-efficient manner. They are a key extension to our team, highly recommend!

Chad Managing Partner – BEST for Dentistry

Thanks to each and everyone of you for helping build SMWW into what it is today. We had our best month in the history of the company!!!
Please pat yourself on the back and brag to your families. You all deserve big Lashbrook hugs… so this is a virtual HUG and HIGH FIVE for helping us be prepared to handle almost double the students we normally would have.
XOXOXOX We appreciate each and everyone of you.

Liz and Lynn Lashbrook - SMWW
Liz and Lynn Lashbrook SMWW

The thing I like best about working with Preferati is their integrity. Integrity to learn and understand my business. Integrity in keeping commitments and integrity in their billing practices.

$75 an hour

We work very hard to maintain quality service at a reasonable price. You’ll find our value outstanding.

No Up Front Payment

Hiring a new agency is risky. We’ll share that risk with you. We bill on the 5th of the month, due in 14 days.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We can’t bear to have unhappy customers. If you’re not happy please throw away your bill. We just ask that you not use any of the code you didn’t pay for.

Free Estimates

So long as they tend to turn into work, we’ll continue to provide up front estimates at no charge.

We Don’t Charge for Meetings

Because no one likes that.

Management Included

We have dedicated project managers who will write the specs, get your approval and verify everything before it hits your desk.

QA Included

We exhaustively test everything we build. It’s super embarrassing when our customers find bugs!

Devops Included

We spin up development servers, work in a dev environment for your review, and when it’s time we deploy to your environment. Or, if you don’t have infrastructure, we can set that up for you too.

GIT Repo Included

Shouldn’t have to list this in the year 2022, but some firms still aren’t doing proper code management.

Documentation Included

Our PMs will write basic user documentation on everything we deliver so your team knows how to use it.



MERN is our favorite stack for building new web applications. We’re also solid on MEAN and APIs. And naturally we can hand code JS and we’re jQuery pros. Our frontends are clean, responsive, load fast and look great!

Vintage PHP

Got miles Code Igniter Spaghetti? A hopelessly tangled Drupal monster? We see this all the time, we’ll keep it running while we migrate the code to a more stable state.


Nice! We work with Symfony, Laravel and Yii frameworks every day.


Check, yep, work with it every day. Custom plugins, custom themes, custom post types with advanced custom fields. Content loading and performance optimization.

Suite CRM (used to be SugarCRM)

Been working with it since version 2. We manage and customize several ERP class deployments.


  • The order form displays the cost of the product shipping according to the place it is going to be sent.

  • A dealership locator allows the customer to know where in the US can find these products.

  • WordPress, code-based site that allows the customer to select from a variety of brands and models to place orders.

  • Highly Custom SugarCRM Implementation

  • Deep integration with user online network

  • Automation of hundreds of business tasks

  • Complex Custom Drupal E-commerce

  • Proprietary E-Learning Platform

  • Referral Program & Sales Team Management

  • Email Automation

  • Creation of custom templates to be able to migrate the website in a cost and time-efficient manner

  • Community portal

  • Fonteva for events management

  • Content management based on membership level

  • Sales CRM

  • Operations Tracking

  • Admin Automation

  • Custom calculation tool integration between website and database

  • Custom database for sales process and followup

  • Document Processing Automation

  • Auto Fills Paperwork into official forms

  • Reduces errors by filling everything in once with family

  • Keeps the Funeral Home Organized

Being able to rely on Preferati to quickly provide high-quality, inexpensive resources has changed the capacity of our dev team in a really good way. It’s a game-changer!

Fitz – PixelSpoke

Preferati feels like an extension of our management team. They understand our business. They do what’s needed to create Win-Win-Win situations.


The teammate we hired has been nothing but an asset to our team and a great fit. Working with Preferati has been nothing but a pleasure… The quality of their talent is outstanding and I was extremely impressed with the candidates they provided for our review.

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