Quality Assurance and Testing

Once you’ve worked with Jeya for a month you’ll wonder how you ever did this without her.
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Jeya recruits bright young women from English language-based colleges in Southern India and then trains them in testing.

Each recruit undergoes an apprenticeship and the ladies work in pairs to refine their skill.

Jeya makes the world a more prosperous place by offering stable, high-wage work to women who might otherwise lack non-traditional options for their life paths.

Testing Services

Browser Compatibility Testing

We test your product’s performance on every recent web browser and device.

Function Testing

We ensure that the functionality of your products and websites are top tier.

Test Automation

Our team of qualified experts write scripts and tests that lead to unblemished software and website applications

Data Integrity Analysis

Our data testing techniques help you make the strategic decisions you need.


Jeya QA has been fantastic. They are accommodating to our needs and quick turn around, while also doing a very detailed and punctilious job. Right away, having overnight cross-browser testing and other QA services was a load off our minds. We’ve been a customer for two years and our productivity is better, our development cycles are quicker, and our Partners have been benefiting from the results ever since we started working with Jeya QA.

What’s Next?

We aren’t right for everyone, but when it’s a fit it’s amazing!
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