GRAYBOX is a digital consulting agency that helps clients solve technical challenges, reach their audience and optimize their operations with elegance, utility and expertise.

About the Position

Support Developer

GRAYBOX is looking for a Support Developer to collaborate with partners to find effective and creative ways to meet their needs. The position requires something of a generalist, who is comfortable working in and learning a wide variety of technologies and codebases.

The big picture of support work is to make our partners happy by being an effective consultant and developer who leaves clients feeling valued and cared-for — both in their time of crisis or in regular course of business support. You’ll be a successful candidate if you have experience in agencies, you are self-motivated, have strong analytical skills, and you have the ability to learn quickly.

This is honestly a fairly unique position, as it requires three things in balance:

  • You need to be technical enough to thoroughly and correctly estimate and resolve issues as they come up.
  • You need to be relational (with enough emotional intelligence) to relate to and take care of people via emails, phone calls, and support tickets.
  • You need to have leadership skills to coach a small support team

We pride ourselves on bringing in the brightest minds and building a collaborative and fun working environment.

Day-to-day activities

Day-to-day, you will work with a lot of different codebases and within a lot of different PHP CMSs, such as WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Craft, Drupal, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, etc. 

You will be primarily involved in resolving site outages and taking on development work that can be done in less than a day and seeing it through to completion, including guiding it through code review, quality assurance, and eventually deployment.

  • Provide front-end and back-end development, as well as updates, using WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Craft, and Drupal, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and custom applications.
  • Develop using responsive and pixel-perfect philosophies, as well as cross-browser compatibility.
  • Report progress on development at daily stand-ups and escalate issues or slippage in a timely fashion, identifying remedial action to keep the project on track.
  • Work independently or as part of a team as the work requires. Participate fully in team planning and work with colleagues to continuously improve the team’s performance.
  • Create and maintain strong working relationships with other members of the delivery team and the wider technology organisation. 
  • Estimate the time and materials required to complete a piece of development work.
  • Share & document system and domain knowledge to eliminate single points of failure.
  • Use Docker and docker-compose to setup existing and new local environments.

Required Qualifications

The technical essentials of the role are that you have good experience with PHP and working in the Unix CLI, that you understand the basics of Object-Oriented Programming and GIT flow methodology, and that you know your way around Front Ends—HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

It’s important that you’re comfortable learning new things and teaching others, so you can help clients accomplish their goals and provide a reassuring presence. Some moments you’ll need to do nerd talk, others you’ll need to be able to provide a hug via email.


  • Be deliberately helpful and care about other people

  • +4 years of relevant experience working with PHP, JS, CSS, MySQL in a digital agency (preferably)

  • +3 years of relevant experience in WordPress

  • +1 years of relevant experience leveraging some of the following technologies and frameworks: ReactJS, AngularJS, or Vue.js; Express.js, Django, Node or Flask; MariaDB and MongoDB; Java, Golang, .NET, and Python.

  • Experience with continuous integration/deployment

  • Experience with Gulp or similar task runners

  • SASS or CSS preprocessor experience

  • Use of best practices for version control, code reviews, and branching in GitHub or Bitbucket, etc.

  • Practical (user) experience with DevOps and technologies like Docker and Kubernetes

  • Excellent communication skills (our current primary tools of communication are Slack, Jira, Zoom, and Email), both verbal and written. A GRAYBOX Developer has a voice and knows when to make it sound.

  • Ability to work independently with limited supervision in a fast-paced, environment alongside distributed teams

  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills

  • High emotional intelligence

  • Solid attention to detail & commitment to doing things the correct way

  • Be committed to being in business hours on weekdays, and have loose availability for critical things on off-hours.


  • BS/MS in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field

  • Hands-on knowledge of working in an Agile environment

  • WordPress Gutenberg experience

  • ExpressionEngine experience

  • Drupal experience

  • Craft experience

  • Object-oriented javascript

  • A code repository where you showcase your contributions to open source projects

GRAYBOX Location in Ciudad Juarez

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Law Benefits Plus:

  • Grow your US Network

  • Work from home two days a week (Currently 100% Remote due to COVID-19)

  • Competitive comprehensive benefits package:

  • 30 days Christmas Bonus pay

  • 16 Days of Vacations

  • 8 Paid Local Holidays

  • Premium Private Health Insurance

  • 10,000 MXN Educational Benefit per year (can be used towards courses or conferences)

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Magento Developer contributing remotely from Latin America

“GRAYBOX is challenging in terms of technical and management skills required and working for them is a good opportunity to learn new ways of solving problems through coding and improve your coding quality. They take good care of their employees, it’s like being part of a family, even if you are working remotely.


GRAYBOX is a digital consulting agency that helps clients solve technical challenges, reach their audience and optimize their operations with elegance, utility and expertise. We’re partners for success in a digital-first world — helping captivate partners, both online and off, with measurable results.

We plan, design and build a variety of digital experiences including websites, web applications, mobile applications, ecommerce stores of all sizes, digital marketing campaigns, videos and virtual reality. If it touches the internet, we probably help with it. We have about 40 people on staff + an extensive network of freelancers. GRAYBOX’ World Headquarters are in Portland, Oregon, USA. Founded in early 2009, it is widely regarded as an awesome place to work.



Web Applications Developer contributing remotely from Latin America

Working with GRAYBOX has been a wonderful experience. The team members are great people, fun to work with and very professional. From a professional perspective, it's a place where you can learn a lot, no matter how much experience you previously had. The projects are interesting and challenging, and we always try to keep up with trending technologies.

I would absolutely recommend working for GRAYBOX. I know for sure you will enjoy joining the team just as I did.

Core Values


Across all of our practice areas, our people approach problems and solutions by applying the following core values


Our team knows what they’re doing. We learn from our experiences and are curious about our respective fields. We bring our full-self, will all of our life experience, to bear each and every day. We celebrate our successes and we teach our mistakes.


Many hands make light work, and you’re always finding ways to unify others and work together. You are generous with ideas and know how to extract the best from others.



We do what we say and don’t rest until we fulfill what we said we would do. Our world is our bond.



We own our work, care about it and hold ourselves to a high standard. We’re accountable to ourselves, each other and our partners, caring deeply about the work we do and owning both our wins and our losses.


We leave it all on the stage. We dot our i’s and cross our t’s. We can recognize and fix potential risks before they become pressing problems. We know that changing one variable will impact the whole.



Ecommerce Frontend Developer contributing remotely from Latin America

Working with GRAYBOX has been amazing, their quality standards have made me a much better developer than I was. I truly found great career value on this team. I definitely recommend working at GRAYBOX to other developers, in fact I already have.

Our personality is…


We always look for the good and don’t waste time wallowing in the negatives. We work through challenges to get our partners the outcomes necessary for success. Then we celebrate it.


We truly, deeply, and demonstrably give a shit about our partners, our process and our people.



We blend experience with knowledge in a way that helps us think deeply, solve problems and innovate with new solutions to complex problems.


We take pride in being unconventional, brilliant and sometimes scrappy problem solvers digging up solutions to tough problems that might be overlooked by others.


We mean what we say, do our diligence, always show up, and never let our clients down.



Production Designer contributing remotely from Latin America

My experience in GRAYBOX has been great, it’s a great team, everybody is super gentle, helpful and they are always willing to help. I currently live in Nicaragua and work remotely for GRAYBOX as a Production Designer. I feel appreciated by the company and all the team members. It’s a new culture for me, my first time working remotely for a US company. I really enjoy contributing at GRAYBOX!