GRAYBOX is a digital consulting agency that helps clients solve technical challenges, reach their audience and optimize their operations with elegance, utility and expertise.

About the Position

Sr. Magento Developer

GRAYBOX is looking for an experienced Magento Developer to work closely with Solution Architects, other Developers, and Quality Assurance to develop, test, optimize, debug, and actively assist in improving the usability and functionality of highly customized B2C and B2B Magento platform deployments.

You’ll be a successful candidate if you have experience with Magento 2 customizing functionality, optimizing performance, and integrating Magento with various back-off platforms (ERP, POS, WMS, PIM, etc). You are well organized, self-motivated, have strong analytical skills, and have the ability to learn quickly. Excellent communication, documentation, and attention to detail are necessary.

We pride ourselves on bringing in the brightest minds and building a collaborative and fun working environment.


  • Front-end Development (HTML/HTML5, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, responsive mobile development)
  • Back-end Development (PHP, MySQL)
  • Website maintenance – debugging errors affecting end users and site performance
  • Performing Magento version upgrades
  • Collaborating with other consultants, designers, strategists and project managers at GRAYBOX
  • Working digital designers to implement custom Magento templates
  • Working independently and as part of a larger team in implementing and enhancing ecommerce sites
  • Utilize and develop automation and processes to improve workflow and performance
  • Develop custom modules and utilize 3rd-party APIs for integrating with back-office systems, including: ERP, accounting, fulfillment and marketing systems
  • Implement and customize off-the-shelf Magento extensions and develop custom Magento extensions.


  • 5+ years general website/ecommerce site development

  • 4+ years experience with PHP, MySQL. Proficiency in developing, debugging, and optimizing complex PHP web applications

  • 4+ years experience with HTML/HTML5, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, responsive mobile development

  • 2+ years solid Magento development and implementation experience. Including:

  • You understand the quirks of the Magento platform, how to utilize core Magento functionality to accomplish functional business needs.

  • You have a POV how to successfully approach fresh projects, existing code bases and final innovative solutions to client needs.

  • You understand Zend’s underlying architecture, the implications, and challenges presented by the framework Magento is built upon.

  • You have a deep understanding of Magento’s ORM architecture including simple models and Magento’s unique implementation of EAV.

  • You’ve worked with custom Magento modules. Blocks, Observers, Controllers, Models, Helpers, and SQL updates are all 2nd nature.

  • Knowledgeable of fraud and site security issues.

  • Solution-focused with excellent follow through on commitments.


  • You have performed Magento 1 to Magento 2 migrations

  • You have experience with docker

  • You have implemented a front-end JS frameworks with Magento and/or created a Magento PWA

  • Certifications in Magento 2 Professional Developer, Magento 2 Professional Javascript, Magento 2 Professional Front End, PHP and A/B Testing Software Development

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Grow your US Network

  • 16 Days of Vacations

  • 8 Paid Local Holidays

  • $500 USD Educational Benefit per year (can be used towards courses or conferences)

  • For Candidates residing in Mexico:

  • Law Benefits

  • 30 Days Christmas Bonus Pay

  • Premium Private Health Insurance

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Magento Developer contributing remotely from Latin America

“GRAYBOX is challenging in terms of technical and management skills required and working for them is a good opportunity to learn new ways of solving problems through coding and improve your coding quality. They take good care of their employees, it’s like being part of a family, even if you are working remotely.


GRAYBOX is a digital consulting agency that helps clients solve technical challenges, reach their audience and optimize their operations with elegance, utility and expertise. We’re partners for success in a digital-first world — helping captivate partners, both online and off, with measurable results.

We plan, design and build a variety of digital experiences including websites, web applications, mobile applications, ecommerce stores of all sizes, digital marketing campaigns, videos and virtual reality. If it touches the internet, we probably help with it. We have about 40 people on staff + an extensive network of freelancers. GRAYBOX’ World Headquarters are in Portland, Oregon, USA. Founded in early 2009, it is widely regarded as an awesome place to work.



Web Applications Developer contributing remotely from Latin America

Working with GRAYBOX has been a wonderful experience. The team members are great people, fun to work with and very professional. From a professional perspective, it's a place where you can learn a lot, no matter how much experience you previously had. The projects are interesting and challenging, and we always try to keep up with trending technologies.

I would absolutely recommend working for GRAYBOX. I know for sure you will enjoy joining the team just as I did.

Core Values


Across all of our practice areas, our people approach problems and solutions by applying the following core values


Our team knows what they’re doing. We learn from our experiences and are curious about our respective fields. We bring our full-self, will all of our life experience, to bear each and every day. We celebrate our successes and we teach our mistakes.


Many hands make light work, and you’re always finding ways to unify others and work together. You are generous with ideas and know how to extract the best from others.



We do what we say and don’t rest until we fulfill what we said we would do. Our world is our bond.



We own our work, care about it and hold ourselves to a high standard. We’re accountable to ourselves, each other and our partners, caring deeply about the work we do and owning both our wins and our losses.


We leave it all on the stage. We dot our i’s and cross our t’s. We can recognize and fix potential risks before they become pressing problems. We know that changing one variable will impact the whole.



Ecommerce Frontend Developer contributing remotely from Latin America

Working with GRAYBOX has been amazing, their quality standards have made me a much better developer than I was. I truly found great career value on this team. I definitely recommend working at GRAYBOX to other developers, in fact I already have.

Our personality is…


We always look for the good and don’t waste time wallowing in the negatives. We work through challenges to get our partners the outcomes necessary for success. Then we celebrate it.


We truly, deeply, and demonstrably give a shit about our partners, our process and our people.



We blend experience with knowledge in a way that helps us think deeply, solve problems and innovate with new solutions to complex problems.


We take pride in being unconventional, brilliant and sometimes scrappy problem solvers digging up solutions to tough problems that might be overlooked by others.


We mean what we say, do our diligence, always show up, and never let our clients down.



Production Designer contributing remotely from Latin America

My experience in GRAYBOX has been great, it’s a great team, everybody is super gentle, helpful and they are always willing to help. I currently live in Nicaragua and work remotely for GRAYBOX as a Production Designer. I feel appreciated by the company and all the team members. It’s a new culture for me, my first time working remotely for a US company. I really enjoy contributing at GRAYBOX!