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Location: Remote | Organization: Exactly Labs

Our client is hiring a senior software engineer to help architect applications for greenfield products/products written from scratch. They’re looking for an individual who prides themselves in building great technology and has a passion for architecting/building great software with strong attention to detail.

They’re also looking for an individual who is interested in building a team and helping set the initial culture for our new organization. They hope you’re able to help them to interview, hire and train the next few employees.

This would be a long-term role with room to grow professionally on other responsibilities as are of interest to you.

About Our Client

Our client is a boutique software consultancy focused on building products and technology from scratch. They have a strong focus on working on innovative new software over working on legacy software. They like to focus on clients who focus on social good such as Healthcare and Education. They also strongly believe their work is only as good as their team and their employees’ needs are one of their highest priorities.


  • Architect applications for clients and lead a team of engineers.
  • Build key software components that will be reused by other engineers.
  • Manage a team of engineers to more effectively complete a project.
  • Maintain organizational functions around software development as is needed such as running daily standups.
  • Mentor and train more junior engineers to help build them to the next phases of their careers.
  • Coordinate requirements for software with the client team lead and design functions


  • At least 5 years software development experience.
  • Have experience designing software architecture.
  • Have enough DevOps experience to stably run the software you’ve designed and built.
  • Some experience managing and hiring other engineers.
  • Have expert level experience in some software technology.
  • Ideally have experience in Go / Golang and Flutter but this is not a must-have.
  • A willingness to learn and build in completely new backend and frontend technologies as a project may require.

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Compensation is in USD, over a wire transfer and range is depending upon experience.
  • Local Holidays.
  • Paid Vacations.

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