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A major software agency in Virginia, USA is looking for a SQL Database Administrator. You would be working as a full-time remote team member with a team of highly talented professionals on an at least 6-months project for a humanitarian organization.

Conversational English is a must. Experience working with US clients a plus.

This is a work from home position, and a professional home office space with reliable broadband internet and electricity is a must.

Responsibilities include:

  • Work with the core database services in regards to client’s work with Bills, Memberships, and Wallets including:
    • Automated Data Movement between databases
    • Develop database objects that support the functionality of the core database services including Tables, Indexes, and Views.
  • Assist development teams with database deployments in regards to client’s applications, mainly permissions-based and working with service accounts. This could also include participating in table architecture and data type discussions across multiple development teams.
  • Monitor database growth as the launch of the client grows and make recommendations for operational components and resources will be needed to maintain long term sustainability for the application stack.


  • Strong knowledge and experience with SQL Server, including objects, triggers and indexes.
  • Understanding of plan cache, concurrency, and isolation levels.
  • Minimum basic competency with ETL tools (SSIS, Apache airflow, Python).


Matt is very honest and transparent. He prepares you to face the challenges of working for a US company, the new language, the state-of-the-art technology, the culture. If you’re in the middle of the steps of getting a new position, he’s always watching over you without being patronizing. Every month we have a quarterly meeting to see how things are going. He’s always worried about us. I feel that he wants me to be happy at my job, and I know if I ever have any trouble with my new team, I can go to him for help.

Arian Cabezas

When was I referred, I had my own company as a freelancer. The income was solid, but I was looking for something more stable. Instead of looking for clients, I wanted an opportunity to grow, not just as an individual, but in the professional field as well. It gets boring, sitting behind the desktop, not doing anything new.

To start working for a company in the US, it was a great opportunity to grow. Having the support of Matt and the people from his company, it was great. It wasn’t like, ‘I’m going to put you here and forget about you.’ Every couple of weeks he would ask how I’m doing.

Elie Herrera

Matthew is so committed to you. He helps you a lot through your path and process. If he sees that you need to improve in something, he’ll help you. When I started, I had problems forgetting some of the things on my daily workflow. He helped me create a task checklist that improved my memory and workflow. I was having trouble writing reports, and he told me he’d help by reviewing my reports before I submitted them.

My advice is, if you want to get into the major leagues in the US, he will help you.

Sergio Barbosa

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