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We are hiring

Preferati is hiring a Sales Representative.

Preferati is a US-based services organization with the broad goal of increasing the prosperity of those we work for and with.

Our customers are usually US-based businesses and the services we provide them include:

  • Software Developer Staffing (Usually finding talent in Latin America)
  • Web Applications / Software Development
  • Quality Assurance Reports
  • WordPress Development

To date, growth has come from referrals and we are interested in moving from this somewhat passive and unpredictable source of new business to an active sales process.

We’ve spent the last 3 months building a process for generating unique, valuable content for businesses seeking to benefit from offshores teams. Now that our content and marketing materials are nearly live we are ready to take the next step and bring on someone dedicated to outreach.

Hopefully, that’s you!


  • In general, you are endlessly energetic and positive. You love people and never take no personally. You are very confident and at home in your own shoes. You see sales as helping and you want everyone to succeed.
  • You’re a top-notch SDR with a lot of experience in the US. You’re very comfortable on the phone or on email with US buyers and they experience a high-quality sales engagement and follow-up process from you.
  • You’re always polite but you don’t go away until you hear “no.” You’re creative at finding fun ways to reach the same person and rise above the noise of all the “spam” they get all day.
  • You’re a hard worker, putting in a long day and making as many high-quality sales touches as you can.
  • You will work with us to modify our product presentation and sales offers to ensure we are talking our customer’s language. You help us to find out what our potential customers really want so can we process that into new offers for you to test. You find out not only whether our identified customer wants what we are offering, but what they do want.
  • You will report to and work closely with Matt, the CEO. Together you’ll work out an affective sales process and scale it relative to the team’s capacity.


  • Knowledge or experience around Recruiting / Staffing
  • Knowledge or experience around Digital Marketing
  • Knowledge or experience around Web Development / Wordpress
  • Knowledge or experience around Marketing Agency Services
  • Knowledge or experience around Software Development or Project Management

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