Who Is Preferati?

We are a team of designers, programmers, copywriters, and marketing specialists that take a scientific approach to building your business.

Our goal is to create a results-driven plan to bring you the hottest leads by using your digital products to drive sales up and costs down.

Through targeted testing, instant response to market changes, and a wide-scope marketing vision, we turn your web presence into a passive income machine with the key always in your hand.

What Makes Preferati Remarkable

Speed: You get instant alterations, feedback, and results. Complete and complex marketing plans in hours, not weeks.

Results: Within hours of your plan launch, you'll see more focused traffic, better leads, and a guaranteed lower cost-per-lead.

Reports & Updates: Keep up with every element of your marketing plan, every minute. We give you real-time click-through and conversion rate reporting.

Fixed Fee: Never any extra fees for rush jobs, creative changes, or additions. One cost, every month. Guaranteed.

What Makes the Preferati Process Work?

The secret to our success is simple: A/B testing.

From the moment you hire us, we're testing. We test your Pay-Per-Click ads to see which ones get the highest click-through rates. Then, we take the best of those ads and use them to create targeted SEO web pages. We compare and update until you're getting the most organic search traffic possible.

Next, we optimize your banner ads, sales funnel process, and landing pages by testing for maximum results and eliminating low performers.

Finally, our live support team monitors your campaign, ensuring you reach your targeted cost-per-lead in days, not months.

What Can Preferati Do For You?

Keyword PPC: We split test your Pay-Per-Click ads, getting you the most clicks for the least cost. This data is used to build campaigns.

Display Advertising: Your display ads are placed where your target demographic buys. Then we data-mine to find the most effective referring and post-sale sites. We make sure your message is there.

Facebook Ads: We identify potential leads on social media sites and target your message to correlate with unique landing pages.

Landing Pages: Using data from PPC, we create long-tail SEO pages that rank high on Google and get you more organic traffic.

Email Campaigns: You get consistently high open rates with an automated, individualized email sales funnel built on A/B testing data.

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